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"I am writing to recommend Claire Tamburro, ASID, ID+C .... 

Claire has a broad knowledge of the Interior Design profession, having worked as both a residential and commercial designer.  She excels in designing creative solutions for her clients, which install on time and within budget.  Claire is always researching new products and materials and atypical ways to make spaces unique experiences for the end users.  Her presentation skills are outstanding..... Claire’s leadership skills and her knowledge of the role of design in our world are exceptional.  Claire was awarded the Milo Hoots Leadership Award two years before she served as President of the ASID Washington Metro Chapter.  I can attest to her dedication to the community as part of the Alexandria Peer Group, where she coordinated a joint venture with Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, offering the chapter designers an opportunity to donate left over items to be sold, which provided the ReStore with an $11,000 profit for the day.

Claire is a warm, empathetic individual and an outstanding proponent of how design can positively impact lives......




Past President, ASID Washington Metro Chapter

"I am writing this letter to provide a reference for Tamburro Interiors, LLC. Claire Tamburro was hired by Donley to provide design and purchase and install the FF&E for the renovation of the Rader Clinic  in Ft Myer VA. Claire performed this work without incident and the finished product was outstanding.

I will use Claire on upcoming projects, and I would recommend her for yours. "


Senior Project Manger


".....This work involves both Food & Beverage, and Retail concepts in airports and travel plazas and as one would imagine in the shortest possible construction duration.   As one might imagine, time is always short and as such when we encounter any issue it must be dealt with very quickly.  It is in this context that I came to work with Claire in 1998......

Since travel and airport requirements are a large part of our day to day routine, we frequently keep odd hours to meet these demands.  Having said this, I was always impressed that many times Claire answered her phone late at night and was able to provide the answers we needed thereby minimizing any delays in construction.  For this reason alone she was invaluable for our continued success on the projects I was involved in.


I find Claire to be dedicated, hardworking, open minded and entirely reasonable in our dealings.  I believe she would be an asset to any company.....






"What sets Claire apart from any other qualified designer are her unique management style, leadership skills, and expertise...

She has designed projects for ownerships and brands. She elicits the best qualities in those with whom she interacts; meaning she brings out the best in people.

With a polished presentation, she has an easy--‐going approach and is an accomplished communicator. She has a keen understanding of sales strategies. Ultimately, Claire  is dedicated to her clients...

I highly recommend Claire Tamburro....She has the education, the experience,  and the drive to produce successful projects for her clients......

Best regards


Factory Representative

"Claire is incredibly talented, creative and knowledgeableI We LOVE the work she did in our home and I’d be so happy to eat in, or stay in a place that Claire designed."



 "......Claire, I have been meaning to thank you for your excellence on this project.  You are the real deal.  The spot is absolutely amazing and it was your vision.  We look forward to another adventure with you in the next couple years when we are ready." 


Restaurateur/ Client

"Claire has the ability when meeting with clients, to draw them out in such a way that she quickly understands exactly what their design "wish-list" entails. By utilizing this tool and keeping the lines of communication open, each project completed by Tamburro Interiors is unique, reflecting the client's taste and design-goals.
Having worked as a manufacturer's rep for many years (before deciding to pursue music full-time), I have worked with Claire on numerous projects. Her commitment to her clients (and to her profession), has earned her a great reputation. Her long-standing and solid relationships with multiple resource vendors, gives her a wide variety of product to offer her clients. With a very long list of diversified projects on her resume, Claire offers the experience and professionalism from which any potential client would benefit!"


Factory Representative

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